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We supply to our customers in Europe and CIS-countries a standard range of equipment as follows: centrifuges, laminar airflow cabinets (I, II, II classes), ultra-low temperature and general-purpose refrigerators, deep-freezers, spectrophotometers, glassware washers, freeze dryers, moisture analyzers, organic compound analyzers, autoclaves, ovens, scales and balances, viscometers, water baths, homogenizers, dispensers, calorimeters, test chambers, cryo equipment, CO2- and multi-gas incubators, washers, laboratory furniture, microscopes, muffle furnaces, centrifuges, ductless fume cabinets, water preparation systems, etc.

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Also we carry out some special orders (like dual access laminar airflow cabinets for vaccine production or vacuum water- and oxygen- free glove boxes for ultra-low film manufacturing). We also equip blood banks, provide hard wall and soft wall modular clean rooms. We provide individual items as well as complete lab equipment and accessory kits for conducting PCR or ELISA-type research. Since 2001 the company experts have participated in the development of a number of methodological strategies and practical guides for cryo banks, i.e. stem cell cord banks, sperm banks, bone marrow banks as well as technical instructions and protocols for modern blood transfusion equipment. Last year we equipped First Cord Stem Cell Bank. Company experts have developed a completely new freeze drying procedure for a new veterinary vaccine and provided a human anticancer drug research laboratory with modern equipment and modular clean rooms. Veterinary scientific-research laboratories were equipped with single- and multi-stage incubators (setters and hatchers as well as integrated model) supplied by our company.

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